100 Reasons Why You’ll Fall In Love With Auckland, New Zealand

Sydey harbour blue waters and waterfront of Sydney city CBD between Circular quay and NOrth Sydney shores connected by the Sydney harbour bridge in aerial view.

Sydey harbour blue waters and waterfront of Sydney city CBD between Circular quay and NOrth Sydney shores connected by the Sydney harbour bridge in aerial view.

Just right about the outside of Australia lies New Zealand. Even though it’s pretty much known for green pastures where the best local produces are celebrated as one of the world’s best natural export products, New Zealand has a treasure: Auckland. Aside from being home to 25 regional parks and beaches, this city has more to offer. 

From having one of the best nightlife scene and food and fashion haven to day and night adventures good to enjoy with family and friends, we can definitely recommend visiting Auckland is considered a treasure in any traveler’s lifetime. Here’s 100 reasons that will definitely get you booking your next trip to Auckland.

You can enjoy the majestic view at the Sky Tower.

Marvel at the natural beauty of Rangitoto Island.

Feel like walking in nature especially during autumn at the Cornwall Park.

You can seize the moment by exploring Mount Eden.

Let wildlife light up your world at the Waitomo Glowworm Caves.

Explore your outdoor soul at the Tiritiri Matangi Open Sanctuary.

You learn to appreciate art at the Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki.

Release your inner wine connoisseur at Waiheke Island.

Discover something lost at the Rotoroa Island.

You can go for some night canyoning escape or mountain ranging at the Waitakere rainforest.

Learn something new for free at the Auckland Museum.

They offer Maori, a sweet treat even non-dessert lovers can’t resist.

You can come near the volcano at One Tree Hill.

You’ll get lost in the garden filled with art at the Kaipara Coast Culture Gardens.

Marvel at some of the best contemporary art at the Wallace Art Centre.

Have a short weekend getaway with your S.O at the Tantalus Estate.

You can take candid photos with your friends at the iconic Manukau Heads Lighthouse.

Release your inner Hobbit at Riverhead, the famous shooting location for Lord of the Rings.

You can go amp your cycling with The Power to the Pedal.

Go snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking at the Goat Island Marine Reserve.

Go for a forest walk at miles on end at the Ambury Regional Park.

You can check out and visit Sculptureum at the Tawharanui Regional Park.

Learn how to master riding with the waves at Pakiri Beach Park.

You just can’t miss out on trying high quality wines when you visit the Awhitu Peninsula.

There’s a unique black-sand beach called the Muriwai Beach.

You might want to go restaurant-hopping at the Wynyard Quarter.

Get the thrill and fright of your life at the Zombie Survival Challenge.

Get to see spectacular shots of amateur and master photographers at the Auckland Festival of Photography that’s being held annually.

You and your partner can experience treetop dining at the Redwoods Treehouse.

Explore North Head in Devonport by bike and you’ll be amazed at this island.

Go out for long walks at the Hunua Ranges and marvel at the beautiful Hunua Waterfalls.

You can drop by Tantalus Estate in Hauraki Island where you’ll find the best grape wine.

You can engage with the cute penguins at the world’s largest penguin colony exhibit.

Go on a road trip and do some stargazing at night at the Dark Sky Sanctuary.

Get to join Pasifika Festival, the largest Pacific Island-themed festival in the world.

Find some bargains, get a good laugh, and eat your heart at the Auckland Night Market.

Auckland’s Stardome Observatory and Planetarium will surely be a fun, engaging, and learning experience for you and your kids.

Enjoy the nightlife and dancing at Ponsonby, Britomart, and K’ Road.

Take yourself on a mind-blowing journey at the Odyssey Sensory Maze.

Britomart Precinct offers what we can call, “a fashion and food haven”.

Drink a beer straight from the best microbrewery in Australia, Matakana’s Sawmill Brewery.

You’ll never be bored because there are lots of activities to do at Karioitahi Beach.

Swim by the waterfalls and watch the sunset at the Karekare Beach.

You can catch your own fish for your fish and chips at Te Henga (Bethells Beach).

Challenge your adventurous self and climb on the treetops at Tree Adventures.

You can go on an indoor skiing adventure with your family at the Snow Planet.

You can have a picnic during the summer while staying under the Pohutukawa Tree which is also known as New Zealand’s tree version of poinsettia at Wenderholm Regional Park.

You can have some quiet time exploring the historic village of Puhoi.

Walk and be with 700+ butterflies at Butterfly Creek because it’s just awesome.

Go see the Rainbow’s End with your family or friends and enjoy different theme rides.

You can have a good time trekking while playing with the sheep at Duder Regional Park.

Spend the summer at Long Bay Regional Park and fly your kite or play with your friends.

Enjoy life out of the city and camp for days at the Tapapakanga Regional Park.

Just drive your blues away and pass by Pohutukawa Coast’s red-bloodied trees.

Waiwera Geothermal Hot Pools will let you rejuvenate after a long tiring week from work.

Food Edition

Savour The Civic Pub’s famous Black Angus Steak and have a drink or two at night.

Enroll with your colleagues or friends and learn how to cook Asian cuisine with a famous Japanese chef at Sachie’s Kitchen, the best state-of-the-art cooking school in Auckland.

Be part of NZ’s most unique microbrewery and restaurant scene at the Hallertau Brewbar.

1947 Eatery offers one of the best Lamb Shank Nihaari in town, matched with a casual, speakeasy restaurant ambiance.

You’ll be surprised how ice cream changes your life forever at Giapo Grazioli.

The Augustus Restaurant will make the inner vegan/vegetarian souls exquisitely satisfied.

You’ll never leave hungry at Azabu when they serve their Japanese-Peruvian specialties.

Your tastebuds will be taken to an exotic, full Japanese course at Cocoro.

The steak at Coco’s Cantina remains the best in town, and you should try it too!

You’ll love how Cotto does a marvelous culinary twist on their pasta delicacies.

You get to experience being in the “haven for secondary cuts and the unloved” at Culprit.

You can enjoy all-day scrumptious and unique dishes at Al Brown’s Depot.

Enjoy three or five-course menus from Lillius, all ingredients sourced fresh from the locals.

Feast on Western-Japanese cuisine at Kazuya which also offers a degustation experience.

Go downtown and relax at Cafe Hanoi while eating from their fresh and delicious selections.

It’s best to grab a Lebanese dinner at Gemmayze while gazing at the beautiful city view.

Order a plate of soft-shell crabs at Ebisu and marvel at their selection of best local wines and Japanese rice wine, also known as saké.

Baduzzi will let you realise how the best Italian-American resto in Auckland tastes like.

You’ll feel like you’re being totally spoiled at Euro with their culinary excellence, wine selection, and courteous staff.

At Han Restaurant, it’s like dining during a magical summer with their interiors and food menu selections.

You can dine in true, classic, and charismatic Italian fashion at SkyCity’s Grand Hotel’s Gusto.

Hello Beasty: Millennial, hip vibe + Japanese, Korean, And Chinese cuisine = perfection.

Hugo’s Bistro lets you dine on a classic meets modern scene with their Italian menu classics.

You must experience eccentric and rustic dining at a Spanish restaurant called Casita Miro on a Friday night.

Cassia is the only modern place where you’ll experience fragrant, smoky, sweet, spicy, home-y, and fun in a single bite of your food.

Cazador is one of the few rare places where you can eat game or quarry meat that’s beautifully cooked — it’s a definite must-try!

If you’re planning to propose the fine way, Clooney’s the fine place to pop the big question.

Get the 90s vibe at SPQR and enjoy from their pasta and pizza-based menu.

Rothko houses some of the most exclusive wines that you’ll never find anyplace else. This winery and smart-dining museum restaurant is found in Sculptureum.

Sidart, Metro Peugeot Restaurant’s Best Fine Dining Restaurant Runner-up, offers Indian degustation dining that no one can afford to miss.

If you don’t get seduced by the simple neighbourhood vibe and delicious food at Pasta e Cuore, we don’t know what else will.

Sweet and savoury in one dish without ruining it? Leave it to the chef at The Tasting Shed.

The Blue Breeze Inn will be your new favorite, the go-to place for casual lunch or social dinner whenever you travel to Auckland.

You’ll have to visit O’Connell Bistro to know why they won Best Wine, Best Service, and a finalist for People’s Choice for Best Dish.

When you’re in Waiheke, don’t forget to drop by Three Seven Two Restaurant. They serve the best stracciatella finished with apricots, fennel, and sunflower seeds.

Good ingredients and generous food portion + perfect location to walk your dogs while chatting with friends = Rosie.

You’ll never regret dining at Masu – they offer one of the best Japanese cuisines in the city.

Have a taste of what Prego, one of Auckland’s oldest restaurants, can offer with their incredibly tasty comfort food.

Enjoy Woodpecker Hill’s wide selection of American, Southern, and Asian-infused cuisine paired with some of their best cocktails.

You won’t eat the same food at Madame George’s — they change their menus constantly, ranging from Southern American-inspired vegetables and seafood selections.

Somewhere hidden in the city, Ortolana awaits you day and night. They’ll serve you Italian goodness with a little bit of wisdom on the side.

Ever heard of or tasted organic wine? Perhaps not. Then head on at Little Bird Restaurant so you can try one.

You’ll never understand why Pasture is Metro NZ’s Restaurant of the Year, Best Fine Dining, Best Dish, and also has the Best Chef if you don’t book a memorable dining experience.  

At Ponsonby Road Bistro, you’ll feel the Melbourne vibes even if you’re in… Auckland. But their food selection which changes depending on the season, is a certified killer.

Sid offers a contemporary and earthy experience that remains as perfect as its selection of wines curated by Cocoro’s former sommelier.

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