Brisbane’s Best: Things to Do All-Year-Round In Queensland’s Capital

Aside from being called the “Sunshine State” due to the city’s liveliness, Queensland’s capital city, Brisbane, breathes three things — food, beaches, and friendly people. If we’ll describe Brisbane, it’s the epitome of flexibility that goes from laidback and warm to bustling and hustling.

It’s also the most perfect city to go to at almost any time of the year, that’s why their tourism economy is now estimated at $6.3 billion and a 29.5% annual growth on the total number of foreign and domestic tourists visiting Brisbane alone! 

Aside from being one of the oldest cities in the world, what’s more interesting about Brisbane is the diversity of places where you can go to: from the oldest natural structures to man-made beaches — anything is quite possible to do here in Brisbane.

If you’re planning to have a trip in Brisbane, Queensland and you’re wondering about their climate, here’s what you might need to consider before booking that flight:

  • Best months to travel: September to November
  • Best months to spend time on the beach: June to August 
  • Best months for adventurous trips: December to early March 
  • Best months for walking tours and exploring most of the city: March to May

But if you’re not specifically sure when to travel to Brisbane with your family, friends, S.O., or even alone, don’t worry because we’ve compiled a list of specific + all-year-round things you can do and places to go when you want to travel to Brisbane. (Note: some of them are even for free!)

Get yourself lost in the beautiful world of Fortitude Valley.

Fortitude Valley is Brisbane’s rad and sophisticated suburb, which houses most of the cities’ historical structures, hottest nightlife scenes, art communities, fashion hubs, and it’s even a World Heritage-listed arcade!

Here’s a list of some of the best things to do while you’re out and about in Fortitude Valley:

  • Leave trail along Fortitude Valley’s shopping haven from James Street to Ann Street.
  • Check out Brisbane’s Chinatown District — they have the best selection of Asian cuisine.
  • Nobody leaves Fortitude Valley without taking a pint or two, find the hottest bars here!

Dare to climb the Story Bridge, one of the only three bridge climbs in the world.

Put simply, what Harbour Bridge is to Sydney is what Story Bridge is to Brisbane. Tourists and travellers would normally want to watch the glorious Queensland sunset and the Story Bridge on an overlooking view, but it is best to climb this steel bridge in order to have the best sunset view. This is the best activity for travellers looking for a city adventure and have a real good time.

The next time you plan to travel to Brisbane, don’t forget to include this in your bucket list. To know more about climbing Story Bridge, you might want to check their official website and book for a climb.

Don’t forget to visit the beautiful “precinct” of Brisbane.

Brisbane’s most diverse and magnificent precinct lies at South Bank. The Cultural Precinct houses the following prestigious establishments

  • Queensland Art Gallery, Queensland’s finest premier art institution, which houses more than 13,000 historical, indigenous, and contemporary Australian works of art, as well as international sculptures, decorative objects, and works on paper. 
  • Queensland Museum, which contains millions of specimens, documents, and items that showcases the national and cultural heritage of Queensland’s rich cultural and social history. 
  • Queensland State Library is where Queensland’s documentary heritage lies. This place is best visited in groups, they are open daily from 10 AM to 5 PM.
  • Queensland Performing Arts Centre is home to Queensland’s most prominent performers such as the Queensland Theatre Company, The Queensland Orchestra, Queensland Ballet, and Opera Queensland. This large complex houses a concert hall, auditoriums, studio spaces, and theatre-related occasions.
  • Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) is Queensland Art Gallery’s second site, is the modernized multimedia gallery that showcases artworks from the 20th and 21st century.

The Cultural Precinct is easily accessible via car, ferry, bus, or train — or if you’re nearby CBD, you can talk a few minutes of walking during the day as it is accessible via the Victoria or Kurilpa Bridge. 

Tick off climbing at Mt. Coot-tha on your bucket list.

It feels like a whole new world once you get on your feet and hike at the Mt. Coot-tha. This iconic, historical tourist destination gives you an overlooking view of Brisbane and a glimpse of the Moreton Bay, plus it’s a perfect romantic setting especially when you decide to hike at night.

Mt. Coot-tha is your one-stop-shop mountain, that’s why tourists and locals consider it a special hiking experience. Here are some of the most awesome things you can do while in Mt. Coot-tha:

  • Dine with your companions at the Summit Restaurant and Bar. 
  • Tired of walking? You can hike a notch higher with a bike or a horse!
  • Bring good food and have some barbie while on the way. 
  • Take a quiet stroll at Mt. Coot-tha’s Botanical Gardens. 
  • Visit the Tropical Dome — it’s perfect for Instagram photos!
  • If you feel like flying, book a ride with the S&S Aviation to get an aerial view of Brisbane. 

Relax and take a dip at one of Brisbane’s oldest hot springs.

What’s a better way to make your vacation memorable than taking a bath with your family, friends, or significant other at the best hot springs found in Brisbane. Taking a bath in a hot spring reduces stress, improves blood circulation — not to mention getting good sleep and glowing skin. 

Here’s our most recommended: the Hepburn Springs which is the oldest hot spring in Australia, dating back from 1895, is a five-star rated hot spring and bathhouse place which offers ancient themed spa and mineral bathing with available overnight accommodations after the warm, refreshing bath.

Clifford Crawford

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