Into The Unknown: Discover 15 of the Hottest Places To Travel in Perth

Somewhere located in Western Australia (WA) is its capital and the largest city, Perth. Aside from being the 4th most populated city in Australia, Perth boasts both the beauty of the city and lush greens. It is one of the most underrated tourist destinations in Australia, surrounded by stunning beaches and amazing parks with the hip and artistic vibe on the streets to the restaurants influenced by the local community — it’s a true haven for future young tourists. 

Travelling to Perth takes 5 hours if you’re coming from Melbourne or Sydney (yes, it’s quite far) but with these 15 of the hottest (and underrated) places spots in Perth, we’re sure you’ll want to fly over.

Rottnest Island

Rottnest is the most popular paradise island in Western Australia where tourists and locals are commonly bound at any time of the year. You’ll never run out of things to do when you’re in Rottnest Island: surfing, trekking, skydiving, interacting with cute animals (a.k.a. quokka), and having a great time watching the sunset while jamming to live music acts at the bar is a dream tropical getaway vacation for many, so book that flight to Perth this summer! 

North Swanbourne Beach

If you’re looking for a summer beach experience with an edge, you might want to hop ahead at Swanbourne Beach. This famous clothing-optional/nudist beach in Perth is stunning with a 3km stretch of white sand for the nude bathing area and also nearby Cottesloe Beach (if you plan on beach hopping).

However, take minor caution: nude and clothed bathing areas are separated. Due to conflict between the state and government laws, just make sure to get past the clothed bathing area or any present official before you swim in the nudes to avoid getting into trouble. Other than that, you are good to go.

First time going to a nudist beach? Read this article for nudist beach etiquette and rules.    

Cottesloe Beach

Do you want to have the most prestigious view of the sunset near the Pacific? Cottesloe Beach is your go-to beach, 100%. Perth’s most famous beach is most popular for surfing, kite-flying, paragliding, and swimming of course, all while getting to watch the perfect sunset. Cottesloe is nearby Fremantle Harbour, Western Australia’s historical and largest cargo port so while you’re near the place, might as well go grab some good seafood eats. 

Perth’s F&B + Art Culture

Perth is an up-and-coming city with an expected calculated gradual increase in visiting tourists every year. If you’re the type of person with interests in a city’s food, drinks, and art culture, numerous speakeasy bars, hip restaurants, great cafe shops, and street art culture are progressively thriving in the city and waiting for you. Two of the most prominent inner-city neighbourhoods to explore are Northbridge and Leederville.

Northbridge has more young, creative, and playful appeal, with hole-in-the-wall restos to being the home of Perth Cultural Centre (houses different art galleries and museums) while Leederville is considered to have an outer more suburban vibe but is slowly getting the attention to both locals and tourists, thanks to IG-worthy restaurants and cafes around the neighbourhood.

You can explore the city’s cultural treasure trove by yourself or you can book a tour with Two Feet & a Heartbeat Tours for a great way to start your day and good value-for-money experience.

Swan Valley

Swan Valley vineyards in Autumn

Swan Valley is Western Australia’s premier wine-producing valley, but it doesn’t end there. This beautiful 105-square kilometre valley also boasts its aboriginal cultural heritage dating back 40,000 years ago! Among the top activities to do in Swan Valley includes: 

  • Harvesting local produce and making your own cheese
  • Being a barista for a day
  • Watching musical events 
  • Picnic and family-friendly activities
  • Trailing or cycling
  • Shopping-’til you-drop
  • Interaction with the animals
  • Taste-testing gourmet and artisan foods
  • Getting pampered at their health spas

Araluen Botanic Park

For tulip lovers, Araluen Park is the ultimate haven. Araluen’s bed of tulips bloom during springtime, so be sure to visit this beautiful park around September to November.

Aside from their floral attraction, this place is the perfect destination for people who need some alone time relaxing in the splendour of greeneries while bird sightseeing or drinking good coffee at their cafe. (P.S. If you love trains, you’ll love it here. They give train rides for an additional fare!)

Raeburn Orchards

Just a 40-minute drive away from the city, Raeburn Orchards located in Roleystone is one of the fast-rising destinations for families, tourists, and even bloggers because of it’s IG-worthy vibe. You can buy top-notch quality fruits onsite while enjoying the colourful atmosphere of the place. 

Black Diamond Lake

Black Diamond Lake is formerly known as a coal mining site in Collie in south of Perth, later transformed into an Instagram-worthy destination. It’s blue, clear water reminds us of Bombay Sapphire Gin, but hey, this place is still being developed by the local state in order to turn into a major source of employment for the locals as the coal mining industry in the area is starting to decline. 

This place usually gets packed by locals and tourists during the weekends especially in summer, so be sure to come early.

The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles is located at the Nambung National Park, this attraction is tagged as one of Australia’s most unique natural landscapes. Several bunch of steepled limestone have formed over a thousand years which is perfect when explored by foot, especially during the mildly breezy night while stargazing.  

Perth Cultural Centre

This is the perfect destination for those who have curiosity towards the state’s art and culture. Here are some of the most notable art and cultural institutions found at the Perth Cultural Centre:

  • Art Gallery of Western Australia
  • Western Australian Museum
  • State Library of Western Australia
  • Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts
  • Blue Room Theatre
  • State Theatre Centre of Western Australia

Port Beach

Port Beach is the locals’ favourite go-to beach, being near to Fremantle via 5-minute drive or 30-minute drive from south of Perth. White sands, magnificent sunset, and a good surfing spot is what keeps people coming back to this classic beach fave. Port Beach is currently under renovation but you can still enjoy the beach, nonetheless.


Rockingham Island is one of Perth’s most promising destinations. It is home to one of the best wine regions in Western Australia, is near the Penguin Islands and home to several beautiful, white sand beaches, home to beautiful landmarks including the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park (which we also included in this list), and a dedicated historical museum and war memorial. For different tours and activities in Rockingham, check out this website.

Shoalwater Islands Marine Park

If you plan to spend your summer with cute penguins and sea lions, include Shoalwater Marine Park in your travel list. Other fun activities you can do in this beautiful wildlife sanctuary includes snorkelling and diving (with permit), spearfishing in general zone, fishing and/or catching crabs depending on the season, windsurfing, and recreational boating which are best done during the summer.

King’s Park and Botanic Garden

King’s Park and Botanic Garden is the perfect getaway near Perth CBD.The 400-hectare park is surprisingly bigger than NYC’s Central Park and you can do so many things in this urban park such as taking photographs of beautiful views, trekking, cycling, having picnic and barbie (barbie = barbeque), and sightseeing. 

Mettam’s Beach

Last but not least, if you’re looking for a beach with small waves, you’re in for a treat at Mettam’s Beach just near the intersection at West Coast Highway. It is considered as one of Perth’s best beaches because of its ideal environment for snorkelling and discovering interesting marine species. Take cautionary measures when swimming on a high tide, the waves can get a little bit rough and it’s a rocky beach, make sure to swim on a low tide for a gentler atmosphere.

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