Here Are 8 Unique Date Ideas You Can Do In Melbourne With Your Partner

We know that feeling of looking for unique, romantic date ideas to let our partners that we still love after so many years of being together. Trust us, we’ve been there.

In Melbourne, you’d never quite imagine that this modern, bustling city has so all sorts of activities and places to offer for lovers who are looking for their next adventure within the city.  

Still having that post-Valentine’s Day blues? Perhaps, an anniversary coming through in a few weeks or months? Or just looking for a fun way to date your significant other during the weekends without going too far away from the city?

Stay tuned and read through, we’ve selected the most memorable and fun romantic experiences to do in Melbourne that we’ve curated just for you.  

Bring your inner child out and have a great time at Luna Park.

If you want to unleash your inner kid and go out for an interactive adventure, you’re gonna enjoy being at Luna Park near Port Shore Bay. With over 20+ rides, you’ll get to relive the thrill while gazing at the best view of Melbourne CBD. Don’t forget to eat snow cones while roaming around. If you’re lucky enough, you might even be in time for a local music festival too! 

Best to try if: You like the thrill in going for rides while enjoying the warm weather

Not suitable for: People afraid of heights or waiting in long lines 

Go on a kayak tour during the sunset.

This special kayak tour lasts for more than 2 hours, so you and your partner will have enough time to enjoy the magnificent sunset reflecting on the water and infrastructures in the heart of Melbourne while feasting on good ‘ol fish n’ chips.

Best to try if: You love kayaking and sunsets 

Not suitable for: People who get easily nauseous on boat rides

Spend an overnight at the zoo.

Wanna be in touch with the wildlife at night? In Melbourne, you can have an overnight stay or camping at either The Melbourne Zoo or Werribee Open Range Zoo’s Slumber Safari.

Some of the activities include animal interaction during the day, observing animals during the night, and having a drink while roasting marshmallows by the bonfire. It’s fun, innit?

Best to try if: You’re an animal lover and would love to interact with animals for hours

Not suitable for: People who can’t interact with animals due to health issues

Make Queen Victoria Market your next evening date location.

Photographer: Amanda Davenport, Flavours of Melbourne, 2016, Queen Victoria Night Market, CBD,

Why not spend a romantic evening at the largest night market in the Southern Hemisphere? Grab some good food, a few beers, and enjoy the lively night filled with music and people enjoying the night as well.

Visit on Wednesdays, they usually open at 5 pm ‘till 10 pm. 

Best to try if: You love the nightlife and cheap eat finds. 

Not suitable for: People who hate too many crowds or noise at night

Put your mini-golfing skills to the test at Holey Moley.

Neon lights and anything pop culture is the first thing that’ll welcome you in Holey Moley. If you and your partner are up for some putting skills tournament with a modern twist, this is the most popular place to be.

They also have karaoke rooms in case you want to belt out tunes and a bar where you can chill right after your mini golfing tournament.

Best to try if: You’re into indoor sports and golf 

Not suitable for: People with little patience or large crowds

Sing your heart out at karaoke bars.

People go to karaoke bars for two reasons: to have fun or to release stress after a week’s hell. But why not turn it into a karaoke date instead? Melbourne offers several hip, private karaoke bars such as KBOX Karaoke or PartyWorld Karaoke.

If you’re in the mood, invite other friends and their partners as well. Instant fun group date! 

Best to try if: You’re really  into singing and want to have extreme fun 

Not suitable for: People who do not like loud noises 

Take a trip to an immersive 3D art gallery.

Let your imagination run wild through 100+ optical illusion artworks at ArtVo Immersive Gallery. You’ll have fun for hours, either getting clawed by a giant cat, hiding inside a tree as the ogre searches for you, or being a mermaid on your own island — the creative possibilities are endless! 

Best to try if: You are imaginative, like optical illusions, and like to pose for the ‘Gram.

Not suitable for: Seriously… who does not love 3D? It’s awesome.

Have a date… on a hot air balloon.

If you’re fancying it up a little bit, why not go on a hot air balloon date on a sunny morning in Melbourne CBD? Global Ballooning Australia offers great flying packages, you can even have a romantic boat tour after flying in the balloon.

To maximise the flying experience, you can bring your brekkie along with you to eat while you’re up in the air (keep it light, however.)  

Best to try if: You have bigger budget since hot air balloon tours are quite costly

Not suitable for: People who can’t take the heights well

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