Paradise Within A City: Find Out Why Cairns Is Perfect For Those Who Loves Outdoors

Whenever travelling a country as big as Australia, choosing which places to include in your travel itinerary can sometimes get a bit challenging. There’s just so many places to go, but too little time. Plus, the expensive travel and daily expense costs can be quite heavy on your pockets.

However, if you’ve got extra time on your hands, Cairns is something you should definitely explore if you’re going somewhere near the Northern Territory or in the East. 

Cairns, located in Queensland, is known for its remarkable Daintree Rainforest or the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef. Cairns is basically a tropical paradise within the city where you’ve always wanted to live in. But most especially, this town is a popular hit among backpackers and tourists travelling along in their camper vans.

Find out in this blog why! 

Everywhere you go, different kinds of adventure awaits you.

Cairns isn’t called Australia’s adventure capital for nothing. There are several, endless outdoor activities for any kind of adrenaline junkie. Some of these spine-inducing, nerve-wracking yet fun things to do when you’re in Cairns include: 

  • Bungy jumping in Kuranda Scenic Railway, enquire for reservations here
  • Ziplining at Cairns ZOOM and Wildlife Dome, check out their website
  • Skydiving 15,000 ft above at the Great Barrier Reef via Skydive Australia’s packages
  • Snorkeling and scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef, Welcome Bay, or at Lizard Islands if you’re feeling a bit splurge-y
  • Surfing at the Kewarra Beach, but beware during the stinger season around November – May
  • Kayaking and white water rafting along Tully River or the Barron River in the summer 
  • Trekking and hiking at Walsh’s Pyramid or at Mossman Gorge Centre during the dry season

That’s why when you travel to Cairns, make sure that you’ve prepared the following essentials for your travel such as your fave sunnies, good pair of thongs (it’s slippers, chill.), coral-friendly sunscreen and insect repellant, light clothes and swimmers, and of course, an adventurous mindset. 

Need a grasp on Australia’s aboriginal culture? They preserved it well.

If there’s another reason to fall in love with Cairns, it’s where you’ll be able to know ancient Australia’s true origins: the Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders. These two prominent cultures date back 60,000 years ago, and several of them are now co-existing with modern times by becoming advocates of their own culture through a well-preserved sustainable tourism system that helps them showcase their civilization then and now.

Currently, there are several widely recognised aboriginal tours that lets you experience the ancient tribes’ lifestyle. Typical activities usually include hunting for livestock or fishes using primitive tools, participating in tribal dances and rituals, touring inside caves and landmarks with some of the world’s first historical drawings, or learning how to play the didgeridoo, an ancient windpipe that’s also Australia’s national instrument.

It’s a different level of adventure, one that will make you appreciate the beauty of Australia even more.

It’s like Sydney — but with more ancient-looking greens and lots of species you’ve never seen in your entire life. 

Sure, Cairns is a city. But we like to call it the “green city” because it’s basically a city within rainforests. Cairns is known to have the oldest rainforest in the world, better known as the Daintree Rainforest is estimated to be 80 million years old (yes, even older than the Amazon rainforest) and is wide at 1,200 square kilometres. No wonder it’s a cool thing to discover plant species and trees that take back millions of years ago. 

Daintree Forest is home to 663 species of vertebrate animals, 430 different types of birds, 230 butterfly species, 135 dung beetle species, 222 species of land snails, and 12 out of the world’s 19 most prehistoric plants which only means… that one day is not enough to explore the entire rainforest. 

If you’re planning to spend a few days of adventure at the Daintree National Park where the oldest rainforest is located, check out this tourist’s guide on how to make the most out of your exploration. 

The location is very suitable for campers and on-the-go travelers.

Cairns is a developed city surrounded by beautiful rainforests and beaches, that’s why hostels and camping stations are popular sightings at any time of the year. Camping vans and car rentals are also booming industries, being supported by the tourism sector and their government too. 

Meanwhile, during the busiest times of the year in Cairns, some of the locals would even welcome campers in their home for additional minimal costs. Here’s an updated directory of the available camping site locations in Cairns. 

You’ll find quality foods and fresh produce anywhere you go.

Lastly, how could we not love the fact that Cairns is home to the freshest produce and restaurants offering delectable dishes made from ingredients sourced from local suppliers? You don’t have to go to major supermarkets for fresh foods because you can basically find the best goods being sold at local stores and markets for a more affordable price if you’re to prepare the food by yourself.

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